Shrink wrap Premium Film Soft White - 200 Micron (3 Options)

Shrink wrap is a material that is used to secure or protect an object. It is placed around the object and its edges are then sealed with heating, adhesives, or ultrasonic energy.

A shrink wrap machine performs the same process on a larger scale. In order to preserve food, pharmaceuticals, and other materials, the material is heated and shrunk around the object which will then be placed inside a specially-designed pouch or container.

Shrink wrap has been a common practice for decades now. It is a process of sealing the product packaging and giving it a good look after wrapping it up with clear plastic sheets. Shrink wrap application is a process of wrapping a packaging material around some product in order to protect it. This process is typically used when there are high-risk requirements for the product as it needs to be shipped in a packaged way.

The use of shrink wrap application has been on the rise over the years, and this is because many companies look for improved efficiency, sustainability and quality when they ship their products. That's why they choose shrink wrapping as part of their packaging process instead of plastic envelopes.

This process is important because it protects the product during distribution, storage, and transportation. Some companies use shrink wrap as an assurance that the product they are buying will be delivered without any damages or defects. There are many industries that use shrink wrap. Some of the most common ones are

1. Games & Sporting goods

While shrink wrap is mostly used in the manufacturing industry, it is also used in some other industries as well. It helps to protect items while they are being shipped or displayed and it also prevents theft. It is a very common phrase that games need shrink wrap to protect them. The reason being that the games can easily get damaged if they are not protected properly. This is where commercial packing solutions come in handy. However, there are other ways to protect your gaming equipment other than using shrink wrap such as using custom packaging, cardboard boxes, crates etc.

There has been a shift in the way people consume sporting goods now, so rather than going for buying new products every few months and throwing them out when they are no longer usable; more and more people want to buy refurbished products.

2. Food industry

The food industry has a lot of products on shelves. They are often made in factories that limit the visibility of the manufacturing process. To prevent food waste, it is important to have up-to-date information on everything that goes into the product.

The Food Industry uses shrink wrap to keep products fresh, reduce contamination and prevent theft while they are in transit or in retail stores. However, it is not possible to have a visual inspection as every package is placed individually and wrapped before being shipped out to customers.

3. Electronics packaging & production

With the development of electronics packaging, it has become a must for companies to ship their products in packaging that can keep the product safe from damages.

Shrink wrap used in a variety of industries like electronics and pharmaceuticals is becoming more popular with its wide range of applications. Packaging makers have introduced different types of shrink wrap so that their products can be used in different industries.

4. Printing & Paper Products

Shrink wrap is a common method used by different industries which require wrapping their products. It mainly involves printing on roll stock and shrinking the paper to create individual boxes.

The paper industry will always be dominant, but the need for shrink wrap has been on the rise recently because of its wide range of applications in packaging and industrial packaging. It’s used as both a protective measure and in an attempt to protect certain products (such as fragile items) from damage that can occur during transportation or storage.

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