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When the question is about finding a way to efficiently store various objects, shrink wrap is the answer. Shrink wrap or shrink package is a great tool if you want to effectively use your storage space.

Shrink wrap or shrink package is created by polymer plastic. When an object is shrink-wrapped and heat is applied to the wrap, it shrinks and tries to decrease the area between the object and the shrink film, tightly covering the object. Households use a heat gun for applying external heat whereas industries use a conveyor heat tunnel for this process.

Advantages & Benefits of Shrink Wrap : 

The reason why the shrink package is so popular in households and industries is because of its following advantages or benefits:

1. Shrink Wrap Protects Inside Objects from Outside World

    After heat is applied, the film shrinks and wraps itself closely around the object. The shrink package now acts as a barrier between the object and the outside environment. It protects the inside object from dust, dirt, pollution, smoke, weather, etc. So, if you want to store something susceptible to the environment, you can shrink-wrap it.

    2. Shrink Wrap Is Durable As It Is Made Of Plastic

      Plastic has a super long life as it isn’t corrosive and doesn’t react with the environment. Due to this reason, when you use a shrink package, you can be assured that you won’t need to change the wrap again after a few months. The durability of shrink wrap is another reason why it’s used rigorously.

      3. Shrink Wraps Are Cheaper Than Other Materials

        As shrink wraps are made from plastic and plastic is cheap – shrink wraps are cheap too. Also, shrink wrapping usually costs less than using other methods of storage because it only requires two things – shrink film and heating. Both these things are affordable and therefore the whole process is cost-effective.

        4. Shrink Wrapped Objects Take Less Space

          It is a no-brainier that the less space an item takes, the more similar items can be kept in that place. As the shrink film tightly gets wrapped around the object, it reduces the space between bundled items, therefore reducing the overall space needed. Also, shrink-wrapped objects don’t need to be kept in boxes or other transport materials which saves additional expenditure.

          5. Shrink Wraps Can Detect Tampering

            As the wrap is sealed around the object and there are no loose ends, any attempt at tampering would result in a noticeable mark. Also, some institutions use plastics that shift color when they are stretched. All these methods might prevent unauthorized access to the inside object, as well as help the responsible authority to find the tampering point.

            6. Shrink Wraps Can Be Customized For Branding

              You don’t need to use white or blue wraps because it is possible to design shrink packages with different colors, logos, pictures, and words. This ability helps companies to brand their product and increase their revenue because branding helps attract customers.

              7. Shrink Wraps Come In Various Sizes

                An added feature of shrink wraps is that they can be wrapped around any object – no matter how big or small. From small candies to large boats and trains, everything can be shrink-wrapped for faster and easy transport.


                The advantages or benefits of shrink package are not limited to these 7 points, shrink wraps can be used to any extent – all you need is a little creativity. However, these were the basic advantages that a shrink wrap offers, and any other advantage can be sub-categorized.
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