Ripack Heat Gun


As the name says it, heat guns are devices that emit streams of hot air. A lot of things can be achieved with a hot air stream, and that mixed with the handy and compact shape of a gun – it solves a lot of problems. A ripack heat gun can be used in multiple places according to the creativity of the user, but the 15 must uses for your crafts are:

1. Use Heat Guns To Weld Or Bend Plastic

The emitted hot air from a heat gun can melt the otherwise solid plastic and then you can re-shape it as you like.

2. Use Heat Guns To Soften or Remove Adhesives

To get rid of adhesive, simply direct the airflow towards the adhesive and that will soften it after which you can easily remove it.

3. Use Heat Guns To Melt Crayons

One way you can easily melt crayons is by using a heat gun. Simply point the nose of your gun towards the crayon and let the hot air do its work.

4. Use Heat Guns In Candle Making

Candle making is a very careful task, not only do you have the danger of a burn, but also there are chances that your candle wax might develop nicks and an uneven surface. To tackle this problem, heat guns can be used to level out any inconsistencies in the wax.

5. Using Heat Guns To Melt Your Water-Based Colors

Water-based colors can freeze if the temperature falls below zero degrees. To make sure this doesn’t stop your artwork, you can use heat guns to melt your colors.

6. Use Heat Guns To Give An Antique Finish To Wood

Those vintage woods look so good, don’t they? But getting an antique finish from shops is costly. So, what you can do is slowly move your heat gun over the wood and you’ll see the aging effects.

7. Using Heat Guns For Embossing

Due to the reason that heat guns emit a gentle flow of targeted hot air, it is perfect for embossing arts.

8. Use Heat Guns For Crackling Your Paint

If you want to give your new paint a vintage look, simply paint two coats and then apply glue and while it’s tacky, apply one more coat. After that, use your heat gun to get the antique finish.

9. Use Heat Guns For Smoothing Wax Paintings

Sometimes, when you make a crayon painting, you can see it’s not even. To get rid of the crayon buildup in a certain place, just heat a gun over it.

10. Heat Guns Can Remove Stickers

Removing adhesives is a task heat gun can do proficiently, so you can remove stickers or labels using them too.

11. Heat Guns Can Remove Crayon From Walls

Children often paint walls with crayons, and you can remove that by using a heat gun and then a cloth to wipe out the melted wax.

12. Heat Guns Can Repair Leather and Vinyl

To repair leather or vinyl, coat heat-activated glue on one side and then use your heat gun to activate the glue and fill the cut.

13. Using Heat Guns In Shrink Wrapping

Some people use hair dryers for this task, but Heat Guns are much more efficient.

14. Use Heat Guns For Roasting Coffee

Roasting coffee beans is a craft in itself, and by using heat guns, you can have perfectly roasted coffee. Simply put the beans in a heat-resistant container and then equally spread the heat. You can also stir the beans to prevent burns.

15. Heat Guns Can Remove Old Wallpaper

If you have made a new wallpaper and want to remove the old one, you can use a heat gun to melt the wallpaper adhesive and remove it efficiently.


Heat guns are relatively easy to use and efficient. Their uses go beyond these 15 points and you can utilize them according to your creativity. Just make sure you don’t burn yourself or other things while using a heat gun. Ensure your safety and then move on towards your task.

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