Shrink Wrap


When it comes to efficiently packing things, both Shrink Wrap and Plastic Wrap are used. People confuse Shrink Wrap with Plastic Wrap because they both are made from forms of plastic, but the two are used for different applications due to their dissimilarities. A household Shrink Wrap might serve the purpose of a Plastic Wrap, but a warehouse shrink wrap is specifically made for other tasks. 

Shrink Wrap vs Plastic Wrap

The main difference between Shrink Wrap and Plastic Wrap is that Shrink Wraps are used to wrap anything whereas Plastic Wraps are only used to wrap food items. Other differences between Shrink Wrap and Plastic Wrap are:

  1. Shrink Wraps are thicker than Plastic Wraps.
  2. Shrink Wraps need heat to shrink whereas Plastic Wraps can cling to the object’s surface without any adhesive.
  3. Domestic Shrink Wraps generally come as plastic bags with one end open. On the other hand, Plastic Wraps come as rolls in boxes that have a cutting edge. 
  4. Shrink Wraps are durable and stronger than Plastic Wraps.
  5. A source of external heat is required for Shrink Wraps to function. But, Plastic Wraps can be cut using the cutting edge on boxes and applied on the food items.
  6. Shrink Wraps are used to wrap anything from bottles to helicopters. A warehouse shrink wrap is used for bigger shrinking tasks. On the other hand, Plastic Wraps are used to wrap food products like bread, jars, cans, etc.
  7. Shrink Wraps don’t serve medical purposes yet, but Plastic Wraps are used as first aid for burns.

What is Shrink Wrap?

Shrink Wraps are made up of plastic and they shrink in shape when heat is applied to them. Due to this reason, they are used to wrap various objects. The process of shrinking is simple, simply apply shrink wrap around the object and then apply heat using a heat gun or hair dryer. The wrap will shrink around your object covering it completely. Now, your object is protected from dust, dirt, rain, ice, snow, pests, bugs, etc.

What is Plastic Wrap?

Plastic Wraps are used to wrap food items. They are prepared using forms of plastic and come in boxes as rolls. The boxes have a sharp edge so that the user can easily cut and apply the wrap. Plastic Wraps are great for preserving your meal protecting items like bread and vegetables. Plastic Wraps are easy to use and efficient.


The bottom line is, that for domestic uses, shrink wrap can be used in place of plastic wrap. But, plastic wraps can’t do the work of a shrink wrap and hence shouldn’t be used. However, on the industrial level, both serve different purposes and can’t be interchanged. 

Since shrink wraps and plastic wraps are made for different purposes, it is recommended that they are not mixed and used for separate tasks. Trying to use a shrink wrap where a plastic wrap should be used might ruin the task, so beware of that.

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