Pallet Wrapping

Pallet Wraps are made from plastic and can be wrapped around any object to protect the object and decrease the storage space. Now, some objects need to be preserved from UV rays in sunlight. This is where opaque pallet wraps are used – the more opacity the better. Therefore, black pallet wraps are considered the best for protecting an object from UV rays. Also, black pallet wrap protects your cargo from unwanted attention which usually results in thefts.

These are the things you need to consider before purchasing a black pallet wrap:

  1. Make Sure Your Wrap Is Waterproof

You don’t want your important cargo to get wet and damaged due to rain even after you used pallet wrap. So, you should make sure your pallet wrap is waterproof and can sustain the heaviest of downpours. 

  1. Highly Elastic Pallet Wraps Are Better

The more elastic a material is, the more it can be stretched – which results in a better grip. If you want the cargo to remain intact during the whole transport or you want to keep your household materials together, definitely opt for a highly-elastic pallet wrap.

  1. Check If Your Pallet Wrap Is Recyclable Or Not

Everyone knows how fatal the effect of plastic is on our ecosystem. If you want to be a better citizen and help the environment, make sure your pallet wrap is recyclable. This step stops the new manufacturing of plastic and all the pallet wraps are made from recycled plastic.

  1. Make Sure Your Wrap Is Self-Adhesive

What this point means is that your pallet wrap can effectively attach to the objects without using tapes or other adhesive materials. If your pallet wrap needs some kind of adhesive to grip the object, then not only you’d have to spend more, but also it will increase your work. So, make sure that your wrap is self-adhesive and doesn’t need anything extra.

  1. Check The Durability Of Your Pallet Wrap

What good is a pallet wrap if it can’t sustain for longer times? If you are using pallet wrap to store household items, then you wish that you don’t have to replace the wrap again and again. Also, you want value for your product. To make sure you get the best deal, make sure your pallet wrap is highly durable and can sustain for at least a year.

  1. Choose Pallet Wrap According To Weight Of Load You Want To Wrap

The pallet wrap you use for a 250 kg load can’t handle 400 kg. For successfully wrapping 400 kg of load, you need a wrap that can handle that much weight. Here are some points showing which kind of pallet wrap you need according to your load:

  • 250 kg: 15-micron pallet
  • 250-400 kg: 17-micron pallet
  • 400-600 kg: 20-micron pallet
  • 600+ kg: 23 or 30 microns or greater than that according to load


Many people confuse pallet wraps with shrink wraps where the two are different. cwraps don’t need to be heated to grip the object whereas heat is required in the case of shrink wraps

If you deliberately assess everything mentioned in this article before purchasing a black pallet wrap, then you can be assured that you’ll get a great product.

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