Shrink Wraps are films made from plastic that are used to provide protection and durability to any object. The name “shrink wrap” comes from the fact that the plastic film shrinks in size around the object to cling to it. Shrink Wraps are made from such materials that they contract in size when heat is applied to them and attach themselves to the substance they are wrapped around.

Shrink Wrap Application

Shrink Wraps are very useful – both for households and industrial purposes. Shrink Wraps can be used to wrap the smallest of objects like a cricket ball or the biggest of structures like a ship or building. All you need to do is apply them around and apply heat and they’ll stick to the object. Though the use of any object depends solely on the user, some of the common shrink wrap applications are:

  • Wrapping vegetables and food items
  • Wrapping books and comics
  • Shrink Wrap can be used in place of cardboard boxes and cartons and sometimes also used as an overwrap
  • Wrapping buildings and bridges
  • Wrapping cars and other vehicles
  • Wrapping ships, boats, helicopters, aircraft engines, etc.
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How to Shrink Wrap?

The process of shrink wrapping looks overwhelming to some as the concept of heat is involved. Or, some people just want to know the proper steps before starting so that they don’t make mistakes afterward. In any of the mentioned cases or more than that, here is the procedure:

  1. Take an item and wrap it using a shrink film or insert it inside a shrink bag. You can also use scissors to cut the film according to the size of the object and they wrap it.
  2. When wrapping, remember to leave an extra area for folds and corners but don’t leave too much.
  3. If you’re using a shrink film, use a heat sealer to seal the ends. To save your money on the film, make sure you seal as close as you can to the object. But, remember not to harm your object. 
  4. Now, use your heat gun or hair dryer to apply a heat stream and shrink the wrap. Be careful when you are applying heat and evenly apply it all over the object as you don’t want burnt or unaffected areas.
  5. After the shrinking process is complete, cut out the extra film by using scissors or a knife.


The uses of shrink wraps go beyond the aforementioned points and one can use shrink wraps according to his/her creativity. Shrink Wraps are inexpensive and can also save money on the expenditure of cartons or boxes for storage. Also, Shrink Wraps are very durable and can protect the inside object from rain, snow, ice, or other environmental factors and preserve it. This is the reason why shrink wraps are considered a good option for wrapping food items.

If you want to Shrink Wrap, all you need to do is carefully place your object in the shrink wrap and then evenly apply heat and voila, your object is shrink-wrapped!

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